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Major Metering System Reference

• Rojana Power: Natural Gas Metering Skid with Scada system( Italian Thai)
• Sahacogen Power: Natural Gas Metering System (JFE)
• HDPE 3:15 Metering Skids with control system) (Samsung)
• TOC: 6 Metering Skids with Control System (Toyo Thai)
• Thai New Air port : Jet A-1 Metering Skid and Proving system (Italian Thai)

Major Utility Metering System Reference

• HDPE 3: HP/MP/LP/Demin/BFW/Condensated metering skid and control system (Samsung)
• Glow: Flow computer cabinet and control system (JFE)
• TOC: HP Metering Skid with Control System
• PTT UT (Cup 1): Control Cabinet for HP/ Demin/ BFW (Demco)
• PTT UT (TOL) HP/Letdown/Condensate/Demin/ BFW Metering Skid (Demco)
• PTT UT Package 2&3 (PDH) HP/Letdown/ Condensate/ Demin/ BFW metering skid (APS)
• PTT UT (PE) HP/Letdow/ Condensate/ Demin/ BFWmetering skid (Demco)

Major Truck/Ship Loading System Reference

• TOC loading System : 6 loading arm with control system and TAS System(Toyo Thai)
• PTT (TOL Project): 15 loading arm with TAS System (Uniwave)
• Thai Tank Terminal (20 Loading System) (Thai Rotary)
• PTT water Draw (Truck Loading system)


Major Process Control System Reference


• Nanyang Energy (PLC with HMI system and Instrument/Measurement)
• TTL (PLC with HMI system and Instrument/ Measuremnt)
• Apollo Lube Oil Thailand :DCS with HMI system,E&I work, Instrument/Measurement (Idenmitsu)
• Auto Alliance (Ford&Mazda) PLC control and HMI system
• Auto Alliance (Ford&Mazda) PLC control and HMI system (Phase 2, Natural gas and air control) (Thai Kajima)