was established in 2004. It is a company that sells reliable products of Flow equipment and system and is recognized by many leading companies. Many types of industries such as Oil refineries, oil depots, car assembly plants Electronics factory, food factory, power plant and many other industries.

And the company also provides after-sales service with design, installation and testing in accordance with the high standards of work. To increase the confidence of customers in using the products that the company sells Techtronic Company specializes in system design.

And built a flow measurement system Fuel system into the vehicle Oil supply system into the ship And trading system through both liquid and steam piping systems That has gained the trust of many customers


We are strongly committed to provide our customers with world class FLOWMETER AND solution products from internationally manufacturers, and excellent services in a professional manner to meet our customers’ needs.


To providers of a complete range of FLOWMETER AND SOLUTION products and services to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of major industries.




What Industry Sectors Do We Serve?   

Industry Sectors Group

• Power plant
• Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels industry (LNG)
• Chemicals Industry 
• Automobiles Industry
• Electric Utilities Industry
• Gas Utilities Industry

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