MT3750C Series


MT3750C Series Metal Tube Variable Area Flowmeters

Brand : Brooks

     Brooks® MT3750 meter operation is based on the variable area principle. The all metal meter is ideal for a variety of gas and liquid applications. These meters are indispensable where high pressure operating conditions exist.
     The primary meter is available in 316L stainless steel construction. But corrosion resistant materials of construction are available which makes it a perfect fit for the metering of aggressive applications.
     A broad range of threaded connection sizes and types provide for flexible installations.
     The very popular mechanical indicator option does not require power which reduces installation costs and is a cost-effective solution for flow measurement in hazardous areas. Certified transmitters and alarms both flameproof and instrinsically safe are available for hazardous installations anywhere in the world.


     The Brooks® Ar-MiteTM is a reliable, low flow metal tube flowmeter with 316L stainless steel wetted parts. The magnetically coupled indicator provides a highly reliable method of indication. This model is a practical and economical approach to low flow rate indication for high pressure and difficult to handle fluids.
Optional accessories include 4-20 mA output, Needle Valve, Flow Controllers and Alarms.


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