BiRotor Plus Single Case SB25X 2” ANSI(DN50)


BiRotor Plus Single Case

Categories : BRODIE

Brand : Brodie

     The Single Case BiRotor Plus is an extremely accurate
flow measuring device designed primarily for, but not
limited to, ethanol blending. It produces a high resolution
signal which is directly proportional to the rate of liquid
flow through the meter utilizing non-wetted pick-offs.
These signals can be shaped by a simple internal
preamplifier for transmission to ancillary equipment.
SB25X Standard Rotors
          +/- 0.15% Over Standard Flow Range
          +/- 0.30% Over Extended Flow Range
     PD meters are widely regarded as the most accurate
meters on the market today. With a linearity of +/-0.15%
and a repeatability of 0.02%, the A Series BiRotor Plus is
ideal for liquid custody transfer applications.

     There is no metal to metal contact between the rotors and
the measurement chamber. The meter is therefore
extremely durable. The rotors, bearings and timing gears
are the only moving parts. Maintenance requirements are
the lowest in the industry.
     No premium for superior performance. Brodie offers the
BiRotor Plus at a very competitive price.
     The BiRotor plus meter can be installed either vertically
or horizontally. It offers direct pulse output and it is field
proven in thousands of installations.


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